Lent 2015, Day Thirty-Six—Cyril of Alexandria

Today’s citation comes from Cyril of Alexandria (AD 376-444), who was bishop there for over thirty years.  The quotation is from his treatise, On Worship in Spirit and in Truth.

The Only-Begotten was made man, bore a body by nature at enmity with death, and became flesh, so that, enduring the death which was hanging over us as the result of our sin, he might abolish sin; and further, that he might put an end to the accusations of Satan, inasmuch as we have paid in Christ himself the penalties for the charges of sin against us: “For he bore our sins, and was wounded because of us,” according to the voice of the prophet.  Or are we not healed by his wounds?

Jerry Shepherd
Lent, Holy Week
March 31, 2015