Resurrection Sunday, 2015—Michael Card

Perhaps my favorite contemporary Christian musician is Michael Card.  The reason?  His songs are so profoundly biblical-theological!  So, for this Easter Sunday, I provide here a YouTube link for his song, “He Was Heard,” and I also provide the lyrics below.  The song first appeared on Card’s album, Known By the Scars, which in turn became part of his trilogy, The Life.  The song is steeped in Scripture, in particular, the book of Hebrews.  Enjoy, and have a blessed celebration of the resurrection of our Lord.

In the days of old the priest would come with a lifeless sacrifice,
While the crowd in anxious silence would wait outside.
As he entered in the temple, they only hoped he would be heard;
God would give them a tomorrow, and the priest would stay alive.

Their only choice, their only hope: Would he be heard?
The only way they might be saved: Would he be heard?

In the fullness of the promised time, the Final Priest did come,
And He offered up a living sacrifice.
Now, we His children wait for Him with hope and joyful praise,
For we know that God has heard Him, for we know that He was raised.

He offered tearful prayers and He was heard;
He offered up His life and He was heard.

So, let us fix our eyes upon the priest whom God did hear,
For the joy that was before Him, He overcame the fear.
For once and all He paid the cost, enduring all the shame,
Taking up the cruel cross, ignoring all the pain.  (3x)

Jerry Shepherd
Resurrection Sunday
April 5, 2015