Credo Magazine – What’s the Big Story?

This post is simply to alert you to an important resource you may wish to consult.  The most recent issue of Credo magazine, a free online publication, is dedicated to a discussion of biblical theology, 110 pages of it.  Contributors include: Darian Lockett, Edward Klink, Stephen Dempster, David Murray, Matthew Barrett, Thomas Schreiner, T. Desmond Alexander, Greg Beale, Peter Gentry, Stephen Wellum, Richard Gaffin, James Hamilton.  I have mentioned several of these biblical theologians in previous posts.  Gaffin, as I mentioned before, was one of my professors; and several others have, fairly recently, written major biblical-theological works.  You may access the issue here.  On the website, you may either read the entire issue online, or download it as a PDF.  I haven’t read this myself yet, but I am very much looking forward to doing so.  Happy reading!

Jerry Shepherd
January 8, 2014

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