Lent 2015, Day Twenty-Eight—Augustine (3)

A couple more citations from Augustine’s sermons.

We were in debt; we were in debt to just such an extent as we had sinned.  He came without debt because He was without sin; He found us oppressed by a deadly and accursed debt, and, paying what He had not stolen, He mercifully freed us from everlasting debt.  We had acknowledeged our guilt and we were expecting punishment, but He, having become, not an accomplice in our fault, but a sharer in our punishment, wished to cancel both fault and punishment.

The entire provision for our salvation, namely, the fact that God who had made man became Man for the purpose of finding man, the entire plan by which Christ poured out His real, not pretended, blood for the remission of our sins and with His own blood wiped out the handwriting of our sins—all this accursed heretics tried to make void.

Jerry Shepherd
March 21, 2015

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