Lent 2015, Day Twenty-Nine—Augustine (4)

Today’s citations come from Augustine’s commentary on Psalm 130.

But wherefore is there hope?  “For there is propitiation with Thee.”  And what is this propitiation, except sacrifice?  And what is sacrifice, save that which hath been offered for us?  The pouring forth of innocent blood blotted out all the sins of the guilty: so great a price paid down redeemed all captives from the hand of the enemy who captured them.  “With Thee,” then, “there is propitiation.” 

Our Priest received from us what He might offer for us: for He received flesh from us, in the flesh itself He was made a victim, He was made a holocaust, He was made a sacrifice.  In the Passion He was made a sacrifice.

Jerry Shepherd
March 23, 2015

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