The Resurrection of Christ—Easter Sunday 2014

This is from an old Latin hymn from the fifth century and possibly even earlier.  It was originally translated into English by John Mason Neale, and various additions and alternate translations have been made since.  Here is one version.  To hear it performed to a tune adapted by Michael Praetorius, though not with the exact words given below, click here.

Joy dawned again on Easter Day,
The sun shone out with fairer ray,
When, to their longing eyes restored
Th’Apostles saw their risen Lord.

His risen flesh with radiance glowed;
His wounded hands and feet He showed:
Those scars their silent witness gave
That Christ was risen from the grave.

O Jesus, King of gentleness,
Do Thou our inmost hearts possess;
And we to Thee will ever raise
The tribute of our grateful praise.

All praise, O risen Lord, we give
To Thee, who dead, again dost live;
To God the Father equal praise,
And God the Holy Ghost, we raise.

O Lord of all, with us abide
On this our joyous Eastertide;
From every weapon death can yield
Thine own redeemed forever shield.

The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed! Have a blessed celebration of the resurrection of our Lord.

Jerry Shepherd
Resurrection Sunday
April 20, 2014

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