Lent 2015, Day Twenty-Three—Ambrose of Milan (1)

Ambrose (AD 340-397) was bishop of Milan from AD 374 till his death, and, among so many other things, is famously remembered for his influence on, and early discipleship of, Augustine.  The following quotation comes from his Sacrament of the Incarnation of our Lord (6.60).

So was the Lord turned into sin?  Not so, but, since he assumed our sins, he is called sin.  For the Lord is also called an accursed thing, not because the Lord was turned into an accursed thing, but because he himself took on our curse.  He says: ‘For he is accursed that hangeth on a tree.’  Do you wonder, then, that it is written: ‘The Word was made flesh,’ since flesh was assumed by the Word of God, when of the sin which he did not have, it is written that he was made sin, that is, not by the nature and operation of sin, namely, made into the likeness of sin of the flesh; but that he might crucify our sin in his flesh, he assumed for us the burden of the infirmities of a body already guilty of carnal sin.

Jerry Shepherd
March 16, 2015

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